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We understand corporations because we’ve worked for them and we’ve been their attorneys. We know that many large companies are committed to doing right by their employees. And that’s why we find it critical to hold bad actors accountable and advocate for our clients to make complete recoveries when they’ve been harmed by an employer’s discriminatory, unfair, and illegal employment practices.

We take pride in representing employees in their fight against illegal and discriminatory employment practices. In doing so, we aim to make our clients whole again and help to protect future employees from similar misconduct.

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Every employee deserves to work in a safe job environment where they are protected from fear, abuse, discrimination, and retaliation. That is why federal and state laws requires employers to establish and maintain workplaces where applicants and employees are not subjected to discrimination and are protected against retaliation for speaking up about incidents of discrimination. If you have experienced mistreatment due to your race, color,  religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetic information please reach out to us today so that we may better understand the treatment you’ve been subjected to and whether an employer may have violated the law.

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