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Whether you are at the dawn of a new venture, the sunset of an accomplished enterprise, or somewhere in between, we’ll be your advocate, counselor, and champion along the way.
We take pride in representing consumers in their fight against abusive business behaviors. In doing so, we keep the playing field level so that our business clients have the opportunity to compete fairly for consumers’ business.
A comprehensive estate plan does more than just preserve wealth and pass on property to heirs; it maintains and protects your family’s state of being.

We’ve seen the landscape from every angle – as regulator, in-house attorney, and outside counsel. We know the rules of the road, we know the enforcers, and we know how to make your vision of offering innovative consumer services a reality.


We provide clients with the sound legal counsel they need to withstand government tax overreach. The tax collector notoriously holds the upper hand over individuals and so it is crucial to swiftly engage experienced advocates to level the playing field.

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