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We recognize that many companies seek to do good by their customers and we applaud those that go out of their way to provide value to consumers. But we’ve also been around long enough to see that certain businesses, driven by ill will, greed, or apathy, thrive on practices that harm and take advantage of consumers and their communities. As consumer protection lawyers, we aim to bring relief to consumers that have been victimized by providers’ unfair and deceptive business practices.

One way in which we can seek relief for clients harmed by companies’ unscrupulous business practices is by filing lawsuits to stop those companies’ behaviors. Through these suits, we may seek monetary damages for our clients’ losses. Individual lawsuits may be appropriate for a consumer that suffered an egregious harm at the hands of a business; when a company has repeated a similar pattern of bad behavior against multiple consumers, it may be appropriate to bring a consumer class action lawsuit so that multiple people can join as plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the offending company.

We take pride in representing consumers in their fight against abusive business behaviors. In doing so, we keep the playing field level so that honest businesses can compete fairly for consumers’ business.

Consumer Protection Lawyers Looking Out For You

In today’s digital economy, the opportunity for nefarious actors to scam and fraud consumers is more dangerous than ever. While federal and state laws provide protection against exploitation by businesses, the victims of fraud need and deserve an advocate to enforce those laws on their behalf. Our skilled Charlotte consumer protection lawyers have a track record of helping North Carolina consumers defend their rights. We will not hesitate to take legal action against companies that are intentionally or negligently harming consumers and breaking the law.

We represent consumers in actions related to:

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

As an individual consumer, bringing a claim against a big corporation or any company can be costly and prohibitive. This discourages consumers from fighting back against exploitation by product manufacturers, lenders, sellers, and other companies. Consequently, these companies continue cheating, bullying, and defrauding consumers.

However, consumers can band together, gather resources, and take on these companies in a class-action lawsuit. Class actions are lawsuits that allow consumers to come together and hold companies accountable for misconduct.
Class actions are possible because consumers experience similar complaints against businesses, including companies selling defective products, lenders charging prohibitive interest rates, and sellers making false advertising claims.

Common Varieties of Consumer Rights Violations

False advertising

When a company’s advertisements cross the line from persuasive to deceptive, you may have a right to recover funds from that company if you relied on the false advertisement and were harmed when the product or service did not meet the standards the company espoused in its advertisements.

Predatory lending practices

Lenders, creditors, and other financial services providers must comply with a host of state and federal laws when lending consumers money. Some companies choose to invest in compliance while others take their chances that regulators won’t catch up to them. We’ve seen companies take advantage of lax regulatory enforcement environments by charging consumers illegal interest rates, not providing proper disclosures, and operating in states without proper licenses.

Unfair debt collection practices

Debt collectors have earned a reputation for abusing consumers that purportedly owe debts. Federal and state laws prevent debt collectors from harassing consumers and we stand ready to advocate for anyone that’s been the victim of such behavior by a debt collector.


Businesses that engage in telemarketing must comply with laws that protect consumers from receiving unwanted and unsolicited calls. The TCPA protects consumers that have received illegal solicitation calls from telemarketing companies.

Mortgage Origination & Servicing

Federal laws prevent mortgage lenders from steering consumers into home loans that benefit the originators to the detriment of consumers. Consumers are also protected by servicing laws for the life of their loans. With the advent of the digital mortgage and the continued growth of the secondary mortgage market, companies are finding new ways to exploit consumers into getting them to overpay for mortgages and pay exorbitant servicing fees.

Privacy Violations

Every state requires companies with an online presence to install adequate safeguards to protect consumer’s private information. 

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