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Consumer Financial Services Law

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Even for the most savvy and well-intentioned business practitioners, today’s regulatory environment can be difficult to navigate. Our product and regulatory counseling services can help you understand regulators’ expectations upfront so that you don’t become the target of an expensive and stressful government investigation.

We’ve advised clients on compliance and regulatory matters across the financial services industry, in sectors that include FinTech, mortgage originations and servicing, automotive finance, consumer lending, community banking, credit cards, marketplace lending, online marketplaces, and digital lending. We understand that each of our clients’ product offerings are unique, as is their appetite for risk, and we tailor our services to fit each client’s needs and tolerance levels.

We've seen the landscape from every angle – as regulator, in-house attorney, and outside counsel. We know the rules of the road, we know the enforcers, and we know how to make your vision of offering innovative consumer services a reality.


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